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Road Side Birds and Magic Island

We drove out the road today to check on the Swainson’s Thrush nest, but couldn’t see any birds using the nest. There were however many birds active in the brushy area adjacent to the road. Several thrushes were utilizing the … Continue reading

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Possible Blueberry Patch Die-off

Earlier this summer I had a chance to visit Blue Lake Creek valley and was interested to find an fairly extensive patch of blueberries (probably Vaccinium ovalifolium) that appeared to be pretty much dead. I did break a stem on … Continue reading

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Sea Cauliflower (Leathesia marina)

Sea Cauliflower (Leathesia marina) seems to be a relatively easy to identify seaweed with relatively thick flesh growing in lumpy masses. It was abundant at John Brown’s beach early this summer, though I’ve not been familiar with it long enough … Continue reading

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New Breakwater

While at John Brown’s Beach during a recent low tide series, I noticed a distinct contrast between the new addition to the breakwater and that which had been there a while. I guess I am not surprised that there are … Continue reading

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Ring around the Rock Pool

Sometimes the black line of black band lichen (Verrucaria maura) is described as a bathtub ring when rocky shores are viewed from a distance. A trip to John Brown’s Beach this past spring was the first time I had noticed … Continue reading

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Yellowing Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla)

On a late May walk around Totem Park, I noticed several small hemlocks (Tsuga heterophylla) with many yellowed needles. They all seemed to be showing a similar pattern of yellowing, with the needles near the ends of the branches remaining … Continue reading

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