Bird Photography Highlights of 2020

In 2020 I never was more than 20 miles from my house, and only travelled more than 15 miles away once. Within this space and time, I observed at least 155 species (based on ebird checklists), and was able to get photographs of 145 species, plus an additional 3 hybrids. These included three species (and … Read more

Silver Bay on Leap Day

Over the past two or three weeks, I’ve been heading out the road to see if I could see the Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches that have been reported periodically. So far I had not had any success, but when I heard from KJ they were out there again late this morning, I didn’t wait too long to … Read more

Observing the Day at Crescent Harbor

Although the thermometer on the car said it was only 38F when I left the house for Crescent Harbor this morning, it felt fairly warm. The forecast called for wind and rain, but that seemed to stay off-shore, as it was no worse than a little breezy during the 8+ hours I was down at … Read more

Sandy Beach Waves

Yesterday ended up with over an inch of rain. However, today it let up, and the clouds thinned out a bit as the day went on. This afternoon I headed out into mostly cloudy skies with patchy sun breaking through. I got a report of 20+ Pine Grosbeaks over near SEARHC, but wasn’t able to … Read more