Harbor Birds and Snowy Peaks

Warmer and breezy early, but other than some occasional drizzle, the rain mostly held off until later in the evening.

I checked out Thompson harbor. Daylight was dim, but I did see Horned Grebe, mergansers, and had a brief look at a loon of uncertain species.

I saw only one Glaucous Gull at the channel today.

I have been interested in the variation on male Common Mergansers. Later in the year, they seem to be pretty consistently creamy/white, but this fall I’ve been noticing many of them have a color cast right now. I’m assuming the color fades as the feathers wear through the winter.

One in particular really stood out to me today. The cast was rosier rather than the more yellow of others.

I appreciated some subtle but interesting light on a few snowy peaks as the sun was setting.

Connor mentioned he found the shrike by Moller field today. He said it was hanging down in the bushes.

Nice turnout at ultimate this evening. We played for the better part of two hours, with some drizzle during the latter part.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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