Sitka Nature Show #252 – Jen Cedarleaf and Victoria Vosburg

Download Radio Show The December 19th show featured a conversation with Jen Cedarleaf and Victoria Vosburg. We spoke about the upcoming Christmas Bird Count (happening on January 2nd) and some of the adventures, activities, and observations of the past year. If you have questions or observations you want to share, please feel free to leave … Read more

Short-eared Owl

Overcast and calm. Temperatures peaked near freezing, with overnight lows in the mid 20s or so. I got a report of Short-eared Owls at the airport just before sitting down for lunch. After a hurried lunch, I headed out and was able to see and get photos of a Short-eared Owl (#178) flying over the … Read more

Sculpted Snow and Comet Quest

Clear and cold. Temperatures dropped well into the 20s overnight. Maybe not as cold as the 20F that was forecast earlier, but the coldest we’ve yet seen this season. Both Connor and Rowan separately mentioned to me the wind must have blown last night. Although conditions were calm this morning, several areas showed evidence in … Read more

Sunday Birds and Sunset

Snow this morning, overcast through much of the day. Partial clearing this evening. Calm when I first went out, but the wind picked up a bit. I noticed some gusty winds later this evening. The channel was quiet in front of UAS. Few birds were near the shore. I did count over 160 Long-tailed Ducks … Read more

Mountain Snow Illuminated

Mostly cloudy with occasional snow showers (though not many during daylight hours). At least a couple of inches of snow accumulated overnight. A pair of ravens on a neighbor’s roof behaved in a curious way. One was laying down in the snow not moving at all (almost like it was playing dead). The other was … Read more

Waterfront on a Gray Day

If there was heavy rain overnight as forecast, it didn’t melt too much. Occasional snow showers during the day, with a bit of a breeze. I saw a junco with white cheek patches (and I think it has some other white) in the yard. I had first noticed it yesterday (but I haven’t been consistently … Read more