Morning Downtown

This morning there were blue skies around the sun rise, though considering the lack of any frost, I am guessing the clouds must have parted only a short time before I first stepped outside. I stopped by Castle Hill around 9am, and was not surprised that I didn’t find much bird activity. The leaves are … Read more

Wind and Late Rain

I was planning to stay at home doing catch up work until going to Moller Park for Ultimate at 4pm – which, this time of year, is after the sun has set. Plans were changed when I received a text about a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Unfortunately, it was no longer around when I got to the … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #172 – Gwen Baluss

Download Radio Show The November 25th show featured a conversation with Gwen Baluss. This was the 7th year Gwen has come to Sitka to band birds as part of the Sitka Winter Birds banding study. We spoke about highlights from this year’s banding efforts, as well as some of the things we’ve learned from this … Read more

Noisy Steller’s Jay

With a forecast for rain, and the radar showing heavy rain offshore that appeared to be moving towards town, and I have been feeling a little bit off (maybe fighting illness), it seemed like a good day to get caught up on email and other various tasks that I fell behind on back in September … Read more

Indian River Valley

With sunshine in the forecast, it seemed like a good day to get out. I considered going up a hill, but ultimately decided to head up Indian River valley with a replacement ibutton (temperature datalog). I bought my first batch of ibuttons and started deploying them about 10 years ago. The batteries are supposed to … Read more

Thanksgiving Mountain Snow

The forecast earlier in the week suggested we might see partly cloudy skies for Thanksgiving, but that didn’t really turn out to be the case. Temperatures have dropped enough this week for snow to get down close to around 2500 feet on the mountains. It doesn’t look like there has been much accumulation so far, … Read more