Morning Downtown

This morning there were blue skies around the sun rise, though considering the lack of any frost, I am guessing the clouds must have parted only a short time before I first stepped outside.

I stopped by Castle Hill around 9am, and was not surprised that I didn’t find much bird activity. The leaves are mostly off the maples now.

It was a nice view from the top of the hill, and I did notice quite a few minute dots bouncing around on the cement in multiple locations. A closer look (closer than I can see with my bare eyes) revealed little yellow-orange globular springtails. I didn’t check many of them that close, so I can’t say for sure, but my guess is they were mostly similar. Perhaps next time I should attempt to verify this presumption a bit more.

Later in the morning after I was back home and into my work day, I noticed a layer of clouds overhead. It seemed to me that they had more formed in place, rather than moved in, and that caused me to wonder a bit about the way I see clouds. It’s easy to imagine they are cohesive structures, but time lapse videos I’ve seen pretty clearly indicate that many of them are in a state of constant formation, even when they appear to be reasonably static. I know that with changes in temperature or pressure, moisture will condense out of the air to form clouds, so I suppose in a way clouds in some way are like tracks in the atmosphere.

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