December Snow

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling quite busy – two weeks ago, I was preparing to give a talk (on the 13th) for the natural history seminar series, and last week I had quite a bit of work to do, plus was recovering from a fast, and needed to get ready for … Read more

Road-side Naturalizing

Paul Norwood had recently found a couple of new-to-me species that were easily accessible, and offered to take me out to see them. Connor, Rowan, and I joined Paul after lunch and went to Thimbleberry Lake trailhead parking lot. From there we walked up along the guard rail to where the upper half or more … Read more

Birding with a Big Year Birder

Yesterday I received a text from someone I know locally asking me if I was interested in taking some visiting birders out to go for the Rustic Bunting. I didn’t have any particular plans, so figured I could do that, and said it was fine to pass my contact information on. Nicole Koeltzow arrived with … Read more

Falling Snow

The roads this evening seemed like they might be getting a bit icy, when we drove over to the UAS for the talk I was presenting (it was part of the Natural History Seminar series). Later this evening shortly before I was getting ready for bed, I noticed snow was falling – this is the … Read more

Comet Chasing

This evening I walked downtown with Rowan – she wanted to go to the library, and I wanted to see if skies would be clear enough to see Comet 46P/Wirtanen. I could see the Pleiades, which was not far from the place in the sky where the comet was supposed to be. I took some … Read more