Sitka Nature Show #170 – Esther Kennedy

Download Radio Show The October 28th show featured a conversation with Esther Kennedy, who has been working for Southeast Alaska Tribal Ocean Research on monitoring harmful algae in shellfish. We talked about her work there as well as some of her adventures exploring the mountains of Baranof Island. Related Links: Coccolithophore bloom near Prince of … Read more

Migrating Geese

Despite not finding much wind on our outing late last night, it was apparently not done with us yet. I woke up during the early morning hours a couple of times to gusting wind and heavy rain hitting the window. Winds were still up a bit, but gradually tapered off throughout the day. The highest … Read more

Gavan Hill Trail

After finally getting around to figuring out how to get the ibutton programming/reading software set up with the information from the app I had been using on my tablet (which I discovered had a faulty USB connection last time I tried to update the Gavan Hill ibuttons), I was ready to go retrieve the data … Read more

October Storm

For the first time this fall, stormy weather came to visit. Winds picked up overnight, and occasionally I woke to the sound of rain (and gutter overflow – time to clean the pine needles out) on the roof. I was working on my computer this morning when Connor told me one of the alders in … Read more

Alaska Day

Rowan was interested in watching the Alaska Day parade and the timing worked out for me between work calls, so she and I walked down to the roundabout after lunch (my dad went out to look for berries to pick, and Connor stayed home to work on catching up on math). The weather was cooperative, … Read more