Mountains and Light

The snow level dropped enough to cover part of Mountain Edgecumbe, but by the time I got out this afternoon, there had been noticeably melting on the south aspect, giving an interesting diagonal to the snow line (which wouldn’t have been so obvious on a less symmetrical mountain). I stopped by Moller, but didn’t see … Read more

Interplay of Water, Land, and Light

On an afternoon stop by Sea Mart I was taken the way the light filtered by clouds was illuminating the water and small islands of Sitka Sound. It is a subtler look than the dramatic sunsets or views of Mt. Edgecumbe that I often photograph when I am see them there, but no less worth … Read more

Swamp Sparrows

Connor texted me this morning to let me know he had seen a different looking bird at Moller Park, but it had flown off before he could get a good enough look at it to sure what it was. A little later he followed up to let me know there were also a couple of … Read more

Neighborhood Deer

I was a little surprised this afternoon when Connor told me there were deer walking up the street. He was helping with bird banding happening in the yard, and had noticed the deer coming up Park Street towards our yard. I was working upstairs, so stepped out to take a look. Fortunately the forked horn … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #171 – Rachel Lauer

Download Radio Show The November 11th show featured a conversation with Rachel Lauer, a marine hydrogeologist who was in town as part of the Scientist in Residence Fellowship at the Sitka Sound Science Center. We spoke about her work investigating the plumbing systems of the sea floor and how water moves around and through faults … Read more