Spring Continues

Picture from yesterday along Halibut Point Road

Yesterday it was quite nice out. I did not have a lot of time to get out and about, but my kids and I went back out to Halibut Point Rec to see if the large flock of birds was still there. We were a little surprised to see only two White-winged Scoters after there had been hundreds of birds there the day before. I’m not sure what attracted them in the first place, nor why they moved on so quickly.

There seemed to be more spawn-like look along the shores between Sandy Beach and Halibut Point Rec today, however it was a little strange that there were no birds there. Normally when there is good herring spawning going on, there are quite a few birds around (especially for the early-season spawn). I’m not sure if this means it was something of a false spawn, or what.

Today started overcast, and by this afternoon rain began to fall. It was never heavy rain, but it did wet the ground. Connor was able to go out on a cruise with some high school students and folks he worked with last year at Herring Camp to do some data collection. It sounded like he enjoyed the trip. My day was spent working on going through ‘treasure’ salvaged from the old house (finally), and catching up on stuff for work. Tomorrow is the WhaleFest foodweb cruise fundraiser, so it should be fun to get out on that.

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