WhaleFest Cruise

It was fortunate that the winds were mild enough this morning that the annual Food Web fundraising cruise was still a go. Drizzle and cool breezes were not enough to put a damper on the excitement of the folks who went along and were able to witness a small group of Humpback Whales bubblenet feeding between Point Brown and the Magoun Islands. This is the first time have ever seen this behavior. Even this time I didn’t get a great look, as I always seemed to be looking the other direction, turning only when I heard the excitement from other passengers and just catching the whales as they started to sink back into the water.

I was along on the cruise to talk about birds. I did my fair share of talking, but there was not that much bird activity. Long-lining started recently, and there were a few gulls in the channel (it had been very quiet earlier in the week), but not so many that they had pushed out the Long-tailed Ducks. We also saw some murres and other birds scattered about in various places, and of course many gulls in the distance where herring had spawned (although there were no good looks of them to be had).

(pictures to come)

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