Leap Day ibuttons

The forecast for day was not inspiring, so I was a little surprised to wake up to blue skies with frost. Winds were calm (though they picked up a little during the day). When I got back from class this morning, Connor was out looking along the Park Street berm, and I wondered if maybe … Read more

Trip to Goddard Hot Springs

This morning I got a call from friends who were headed out to get sand for their garden and wondered if I would like to come. It’s nice to get out on the boat, so I accepted the invitation. Joined by another friend and someone else I hadn’t met until the trip, there ended up … Read more

Salmonberry Flower

After the weekend of wind and rain, the weather was supposed to mellow a bit today before some sun showed up tomorrow. As it worked out, skies were clearing this morning and we had partly cloudy skies a day ahead of time. Yesterday’s precipitation fell as snow above about 2000 feet, so the mountain tops … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #100 – Ellen Chenoweth

Download Radio Show The February 21st show featured a conversation with Ellen Chenoweth. We spoke about her research looking at whale interactions with hatcheries, her recently acquired interest in birding, and her hobby of building phylogenetically accurate mobiles. If you have questions or observations you want to share, please feel free to leave a comment … Read more

Sunny Break

It seemed like no sooner had I posted about hoping against sunny weather, I woke up the following day to see a forecast with clearing skies. Originally it was just for a day, but the weather cleared up over town a bit earlier than forecast, so we had the better part of four days of … Read more

Warm Winter Weather and a Wood Duck

Today’s highlight was finding a Wood Duck on Swan Lake. It was out in front of the radio station with some Mallards. First reported last Sunday, I am not aware of anyone seeing it over the days since then. It was nice to be able to get a picture for documentation purposes. Continuing unseasonably warm … Read more