Shorebird Arrival

I spent some time this morning watching the shorebirds at Eagle Way beach. The flocks on the beach this morning were the first substantial ones other than the mix of Surfbirds, Black Turnstones and Rock Sandpipers that were at the park a couple of weeks ago. Among the mix of birds was a Semiplamated Sandpiper, … Read more

Starrigavan Lichens

I’m signed up to help with a 4th grade bioblitz that’s happening in a couple of weeks, and one of my tasks will be to help find and identify lichens and fungi. It’s been a while since I spent a lot of time working on lichens, so I thought it would be worth doing some … Read more

Raven Radio Show #78 – Cathy Connor

Download Radio Show The 3 May show featured a conversation with Cathy Connor, emeritus professor of geology at the University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau as well as the author of the second edition of Roadside Geology of Alaska. She was in town with a geomorphology class and I was able to visit with her about … Read more

Sunny Spring Day

The slow shorebird migration continued today – on my walk around Totem Park starting late this morning and ending up early in the afternoon, I only saw a few peeps flying around (but never saw them on the beach) and heard some Black Turnstones across the bay. It probably did not help that it was … Read more

Young Creatures in Transition

Leaf miner pupa – probably to be a small moth I was a little surprised that the leaf miner I found on Crow Island last Saturday only stayed in its mine for a day or so before dropping out and pupating. Actually, at first I was just puzzled that I couldn’t see it in the … Read more