Blue Lake

The marine layer burned off this morning by mid-morning and temperatures were forecast to get up into the lower 60s. I didn’t track the actual temperatures, but it didn’t feel any warmer to me than it has in past days. As has been the pattern most days, there was a breeze that came up through the day out of the northwest.

This afternoon I spent some time along Blue Lake road (helping out with the post project invasive plant monitoring). At the lake a pair of Red-throated Loons dove and resurfaced at the lower end of the lake, at times coming very close to shore. As a result of their cooperation, I was able to get the best photos I’ve managed so far of this species. Also of interest was just how close the lake is getting to spilling (it’s been a strange year – most years spill over wouldn’t be expected to occur until after the fall rains start up).

Not far down from the top of the road I was able to get pictures of a Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) butterfly, a species I’ve only seen in a couple of previous years. The caterpillars eat nettles, and I know nettles are around Blue Lake, but I don’t know if this was one that was hatched and grew up locally, or if it flew in from somewhere else. Also on the butterfly front, there were many whites. I’m not positive, but presume they’re generally Margined Whites (Pieris marginalis).

This evening I spent some time planting and transplanting in the yard. I noticed I got some bug bites, and although I didn’t look closely enough to be sure, I suspect the noseeums have emerged.

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