More Sun, Brief Note

The marine stratus burned off by mid-morning, though some clouds lingered around the mountain slopes into early afternoon. I don’t think the temperature reached 60, as there was a bit of a sea breeze keeping things cool. The breeze was only mild, and died down early this evening (at least at my place). My outside … Read more

Persistent Clouds

For the first time in over a week the marine stratus layer never broke up. There was even a chance of showers today. Though I didn’t notice any rain, Rowan told me that it one point it had started to rain a bit. There was a bit of a breeze, but at the house it … Read more

Sunny Late Spring Day

The sunny May continued, with marine stratus burning off before mid-morning. I got a slow start, but walked downtown and made a stop by the lake on the way back. As I was leaving the lake (I saw my first ducklings of the year, though Connor had reported seeing some last week, if I remember … Read more

Yard Beetle

Once again there were clouds this morning, what I saw didn’t seem quite as much like marine stratus as recent days, but after being out late last night, I didn’t feel motivated to get up and going too much before a call I had this morning. By the time I was done with that, the … Read more

4th Grade Bioblitz and Moth Survey

Today was the 4th grade bioblitz that I had agreed to help out with. I was one of the folks working with small mammals in the morning, then talked about mushrooms (and more) with three groups of kids in the afternoon. Though most of the event was occurring at Starrigavan, there were some groups of … Read more

Tree Swallow Nest

The marine stratus was in this morning, but burned off around noon. It’s kind of crazy how long this weather pattern has persisted, and the forecast continues to have it staying this way into next week. Time will tell. I’m not sure if this is unprecedented, but it certainly is unusual. My concerns of a … Read more