Return of Rain

It rained overnight and a little bit today during a brief period or two today. Looking at the weather data for today, it appears that the total (at the airport) is only 0.06 inches. Although the moss on the berm of my yard looked quite wet, when I checked layers were dry not far below. I guess the moss can soak up a fair bit of water before things soak through. I saw that Juneau had the longest recorded stretch of dry weather ever recorded in May (at 14 days). I’m not sure what the longest stretch in Sitka is (perhaps at some point I’ll go through the records to see if I can figure it out), but the last precipitation was on the 9th, so that made 16 days of no precipitation (yesterday rain was recorded as falling, but nothing measurable).

I didn’t end up spending much time outside today, but did make a quick walk around the park this morning. A pair of Blue-winged Teal were still in Indian River down towards the river mouth. With them were 4 American Wigeons. Brant were still along the shore, as well as a Whimbrel, a couple of straggling Black-bellied Plovers, and a couple of Black-legged Kittiwakes in with the gulls.

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