Clear Skies and Migrating Birds(?)

The forecast was for mostly sunny skies this afternoon, but by the time I looked outside this morning, it was already pretty clear out. I had some work to do on a consulting project that kept me inside for the morning. This afternoon I spent some time out checking on some plants (it appears the … Read more

Singing Robins

I didn’t spend too much time outside today. It was a relatively warm and calm day, with forecast rain holding off until this evening (what I read this morning suggested it would start raining after 1pm, and perhaps it did elsewhere in the area, I didn’t check the radar). While I was sitting outside this … Read more

Walking and Kayaking

After the snow this weekend, today’s forecast was for mostly sunny and temperatures into the upper 40s. After making sure to shut my computer down by 11pm last night (having spent too many previous nights not getting to sleep until well after midnight), I woke up around 6am this morning and felt pretty good about … Read more

Raven Radio Show #75 – Dennis Landwehr

Download Radio Show The 15 March show featured a conversation with Dennis Landwehr. Dennis has worked to learn about and understand landslides in the Tongass for over 25 years, and was in town to give a talk as part of the natural history seminar series. If you have questions or observations you want to share, … Read more

Silver Bay Panorama

Snow showers continued overnight, and there was an accumulation of 3 or 4 inches by this morning. As the day wore on, the warmer temperatures and sun between showers resulted in a fair bit of snow melting. Despite the additional snow fall, I think there was probably no more on the ground at the end … Read more