Harbor Birds and Snowy Peaks

Warmer and breezy early, but other than some occasional drizzle, the rain mostly held off until later in the evening. I checked out Thompson harbor. Daylight was dim, but I did see Horned Grebe, mergansers, and had a brief look at a loon of uncertain species. I saw only one Glaucous Gull at the channel … Read more

Snowy Day; Winter Water Birds

Despite temperatures above freezing, precipitation remained snow through the day. When I was out this afternoon, no more than a couple of inches of wet snow had accumulated. Winds were calm. For a second day I spent time watching birds at the channel. The two Glaucous Gulls I saw yesterday were still around. It was … Read more

Channel Birds

Cloudy with little rain during daylight hours. Mixed snow and rain later in the day. Winds calm. I spent some time with the birds at the channel today. A high tide made for a narrow shoreline, and quite a few birds were near the shore. Among them was a Red-necked Grebe and Horned Grebe near … Read more

Muskeg Wander on a Wet and Windy Day

Rainy and windy through much of the daylight hours. Seas at the buoy were up to 28ft. I didn’t make it outside until this afternoon. As it turned out, the weather dipped in intensity. I had dressed for rain and wind, but saw almost no wind and little rain. I walked to Baranof Street Muskeg … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #250 – Ian Hewson

Download Radio Show The November 21st show featured a conversation with Ian Hewson, of Cornell University. We spoke about his work investigating causes sea star wasting, current work looking at the microbiome of local sea cucumbers, and a bit about the natural history of viruses in marine environments. See more about this work on his … Read more

Windy with Snow Changing to Rain

Scattered light snow through the first part of the day, changing to rain in the afternoon. Quite windy at times. I saw a meme text shared on Facebook today that said “November doesn’t have afternoons. It’s just morning until 2, then night.” Some days that feels truer than others, but it did fit today. Late … Read more