Daily Observations


It was a pretty busy day, as Wednesdays tend to be. This evening Alexia Stevens, the speaker for tomorrow night’s seminar, came in from Seattle. She is staying with Kitty LaBounty, but I had been the one to make arrangements, so both of us went to the airport to see her in. It was a nice evening and the forecast called for rain and wind throughout the time Alexia was scheduled to be in town, so we took advantage and showed her a couple of places around town.

Weather: It was cloudy with rain for much of the day, but this evening it cleared off and the sun shown for a time.

Birds: There were a dozen or so Marbled Godwits at the turnaround. Also in evidence were Surfbirds, Black Turnstones, Western Sandpipers, and Dunlin. The Western Sandpipers, when running around near the Marbled Godwits looked incredibly tiny.

There was a small flock of Western Sandpipers and Dunlin out at Starrigavan as well as a Great Blue Heron and some waterfowl.

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