Channel Birds

Cloudy with little rain during daylight hours. Mixed snow and rain later in the day. Winds calm.

I spent some time with the birds at the channel today.

A high tide made for a narrow shoreline, and quite a few birds were near the shore.

Among them was a Red-necked Grebe and Horned Grebe near the work float. They did not quite move close enough together for the best comparison shot, but I was able to get them both in the same frame.

I watched the Red-necked Grebe tilt its head too look into the sky a couple of times. I didn’t think to try and crane my head out the window of my car (which serves as a pretty good blind) to see if an eagle or something was up there.

A feral rose is growing along the road to the work float parking. I don’t remember noticing it previously, but the red rosehip stood out to me today.

I had a visit from the crow with a damaged bill (and some friends) while I watched from the ramp.

I saw two first cycle Glaucous Gulls. Both were among the paler I’ve ever seen this early. One had pale eyes, maybe only the second time I’ve seen this.

A pale shorebird flew by, but I only had a brief look. I think it was a Sanderling, probably the same one reported in the area last week.

At the kelp patch pull out, a crow was eating some of the bird food. I am interested to see if it brings friends.

While watching from Sea Mart for a few minutes a land otter popped up briefly among the kelp.

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