Windy with Snow Changing to Rain

Scattered light snow through the first part of the day, changing to rain in the afternoon. Quite windy at times.

I saw a meme text shared on Facebook today that said “November doesn’t have afternoons. It’s just morning until 2, then night.” Some days that feels truer than others, but it did fit today.

Late this morning I happened to look out and caught sight of a non-bird moving around by the feeder in the yard. At first I thought it might be a mouse, but better looks convinced me it’s a
small/young rat.

While watching to get a better look at the rodent, I also saw a White-throated Sparrow.

After lunch I went out to see some of what there was to see.

Crescent Bay was alive with white caps from a strong east wind.

I briefly watched a small group of Surf Scoters diving near the marker on the outside of Crescent Harbor’s smaller breakwater.

I got a little charge when my car lost some traction around a curve just past the ferry terminal. Fortunately I just took the turn extra wide, and the oncoming traffic was far enough distant to not be an issue. Heading back in, I saw a larger van fish tailing a bit, but it stayed in its lane.

I had intended to stay out until around sunset before working on my radio show for tomorrow. It was getting so dim as I watched the channel, that I called it quits early before 3pm (nearly an hour before sunset).

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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