Last of September

Showers (at times quite heavy, though those were short-lived) and breezy. A longer break with sun this evening, after very small pockets between showers earlier in the day. I did hear thunder associated with one shower late this evening.

Outside time today consisted of checking for moths this morning and a short drive this afternoon and then evening between working on other tasks.

Last night an unfamiliar tortricid showed up on the porch. I captured it in case it’s unusual. However, it may be a variation on one I’ve previously observed.

Earlier in the season the only roof gulls seemed to be showing up on was the Westmark Hotel. In recent weeks, they’ve become much more widespread. I’ve been checking the roof at North Pacific Seafoods when I’m down that way, but so far have not seen anything unusual.

Nothing below the small bit of damage on the left displayed correctly

I spent a fair part of today preparing my phone to ship out for repairs. Without a functional display on the phone, it was a bit slow-going trying to work out how to get everything backed up and do a factory reset to the phone. With a help of a USB->HDMI cable, and a couple of different websites, I did finally manage. With any luck, I’ll have the repaired phone back by late next week or early the week after.

Tomorrow’s weather is predicted to be quite fierce. If winds show up they are currently forecast to, it’s likely there will be branches and trees down in many locations. Some of the highest winds are predicted to be well after sunset, so I won’t be able to go out and see the wind and waves at their peak.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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