Sitka Nature Show #118 – Kevin White

Download Radio Show The November 13th show featured a conversation with wildlife biologist Kevin White, who works with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. We talked about Mountain Goat life history and some of the research that has been done to learn more about the Mountain Goats on Baranof Island. If you have questions … Read more

Cackling Goose

I got a report of a couple of Sabine’s Gulls over at the airport this morning, so I decided to spend some time scanning the Channel in hopes that maybe one would end up there. There was still a pretty stiff breeze out of the southeast, with showers moving through. The wind was sufficient to … Read more

Stormy Seas, Lightning and Thunder

It was quite windy overnight. I imagine it’s just coincidence, but it seems like most of the strong winds this fall have come during the night time hours. Early this morning, waves were over 28 feet at the Cape Edgecumbe buoy (I think that’s the average of the highest one third of the waves, so … Read more

Cape May Warbler

As the calendar changed, so too did our uncharacteristically sunny weather change to a more typical fall pattern. The record breaking dry October (under 5 inches for the month vs. a normal of 13 inches), was replaced by overcast and periods of rain, with a forecast for wind and rain in the coming days. The … Read more