Tropical(?) Kingbird

Update: The bird is still here on Thursday, 20 October. (Given the rarity of this species in Alaska, I’ll try to post an update each day the bird is seen.) On Monday, Marge W. called me to let me know that Brownie T. had been seen a flycatcher with a yellow belly and yellow under … Read more

Fall Season Mountains and Birds

October continued its dry start with clear skies throughout the day. I did not notice any frost on the vehicles this morning, but it’s possible I just was not up early enough. With clear and calm conditions tonight, I suspect there will be frost tomorrow, though forecast lows are only for the lower 40s. I … Read more

Quiet at the Golf Course

I returned to the golf course today with Connor and Rowan. I hoped that the American Pipits and Horned Larks might stick around for another day, but in a walk around the course I did not see any. The only bird I found out in the open areas was a Savannah Sparrow, though I did … Read more