Eagle Meal

Most of the day was relatively dim and gray, but I had some running around to do this afternoon so decided to take a couple of turns around the old airport road and Alice Island in case I might find the solitaire (I didn’t). On the second go around, near the lagoon I noticed feathers … Read more

Cloud Break

Today barely dawned at all. Officially, sunrise was a little after 8am, but the day seemed slow to rise from under the heavy blanket of clouds. These were brought in by a potent low pressure system that gifted us with a high wind warning and plenty of rain. As the rains came down, the tides … Read more

Snow on Bear Mountain

Although I spent a fair amount of time watching for it during the day, I never saw the Townsend’s Solitaire (and as far as I know, no one else did either). Temperatures dropped and with all the precipitation that fell, it looked like a nice layer of new snow on Bear Mountain.

Middle Sister with Snow

I spent more time along old airport road hoping to see the Townsend’s Solitaire again. I only got a brief look at it on the fence at the wastewater treatment plant parking lot (thanks to Connor’s sharp eyes), but no photos. There was a single Lapland Longspur that I took a shot of along the … Read more

Break in the Cold

Picture of frost from last January – frost I noticed on windows during this cold snap was not so intriguing. Today the recent cold weather finally broke. I noticed the official temperature was over 30F when I checked the time on my phone first thing this morning, but a short time later I saw my … Read more