Break in the Cold

Picture of frost from last January – frost I noticed on windows during this cold snap was not so intriguing.

Today the recent cold weather finally broke.

I noticed the official temperature was over 30F when I checked the time on my phone first thing this morning, but a short time later I saw my outdoor thermometer was reading 21F. This surprised me a bit, as my house is only a couple of miles from the airport. It does tend to get a few degrees colder here at night during weather like we’ve been having, but 10 or more degrees seemed a bit much.

My dad left to return to Idaho today, and when we went to the airport, I saw it was much more breezy there than it had been at my house. Recently in the text synopsis forecast for Southeast Alaska, there was a mention that temperatures could be quite different depending on whether the wind was blowing (warmer) or it was still (cooler). I wondered if that might have had something to do with temperature differential.

As the day went on, temperatures warmed to near 40F. As I am writing this, there’s still not been any rain, but the radar is showing precipitation off shore. The forecast is for 100% chance of rain tonight, so presumably some will move on shore before long.

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