April Cool

Temperatures remained cool today. Snow level on the trees was down at the bottom of the mountain slopes this morning and did not actually lift much through the day. Heavy clouds made much of the day feel dim and dreary. Showers routinely had snow mixed in, and some were mostly sleet/hail, though I never heard any thunder, nor saw any lightning (a chance of thunderstorms was in the forecast). In the early evening there was finally a break and things brightened up a bit.

Shorebirds seem to be on the move a bit. I didn’t visit the park, but Connor and Rowan reported a good-sized mixed flocks of Black Turnstones, Surfbirds, and Rock Sandpipers (no Dunlin today, though Connor saw some within the last couple of days). I’ve not heard any reports of other shorebirds yet, but I expect the early arrivals will start showing up within the next week or so two.

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