Herring and Rain

Today was the first opening of the 2011 Sitka Sound Herring Sac Roe Fishery. It was held in the afternoon near Middle Island. I don’t think it was close enough to see from the road, but it did not matter too much for me since I needed to teach class during that time.

Total precipitation for the month more than tripled after over 2″ fell between yesterday and today. I hadn’t realized it until I was looking back over the records, but the bulk of the prior precipitation had fallen on one day, when over half an inch accumulated. I knew it had been fairly dry this month, but I think it’s fairly unusual for only 3 days to account for almost 90% of the total precipitation. Temperatures were cooler today, and snow level dropped to around 2000 feet. With all the lowland rain of the past couple of days, it seems likely that a fair bit of snow fell higher.

I still have not seen any wild flowers blooming, but I did notice some buds of blueberry plants along Lincoln Street that had opened significantly. I imagine they would be blooming within a day or two if there’s any warm weather, but with cooler temperatures will probably take a while longer yet.

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