Sit Spot Challenge Day 1

I decided to participate in the 30 Day Sit Spot Challenge again this year. Although it is the last or next to last month I will be living in this house, I decided to go ahead and use the yard as my primary sit area, since otherwise I doubt I would make it every day.

I did my first sit on the front step. It was an overcast evening, probably starting right around sunset, though I didn’t check the time to be sure, nor could I see the sun through the thick layer of clouds. There was little wind, and I did not notice any birds calling. I noted the quiet because it seemed a little early for everything to have gone to roost, but I’ve not spent much time outside around sunset lately, so perhaps this is not unusual at the present.

Connor and Rowan were down at the beach when I started, and came walking up during my sit. I did not notice any birds calling in response to their coming and going, either.

All in all, it was a calm, quiet sit.

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