Pirate’s Cove on a Sunny Day

For several years I’ve been hoping to get a better version of a photo I first took 10 years ago.

The limited window of time where the beach cinquefoil (Potenilla villosa) is blooming well does not always overlap with the time Mt. Edgecumbe still has a decent covering of snow, and even when they do, weather and tides did not necessarily work out.

This year everything aligned so that I was able to paddle my kayak out to Pirate’s Cove on a lovely, calm day to visit the cove and try for my hope-for photos.

I couldn’t recreate the exact framing I had on the earlier photo, but improved conditions (and camera) allowed me to get something close to what I had hoped for.

Kitty L. came out with her skiff (which saved me the paddle home), and we explored the beach and nearby forested areas to see what plants and lichens might be around.

I was particularly interested to see a pool that had mostly dried out, but was full of Fontinalis antipyretica, a moss I had always previously seen in rivers.

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