WR: Night Thirty-seven

It started out calm, but the wind picked up a little before 2. There was a far distant Western Screech-owl calling for a little while. It was quite faint, and I would not have noticed it had the wind not been still at that point. The first Marbled Murrelet call I caught was at 01:17, quite early. I didn’t notice any more until around 4:30 and then again at 5:30.

Marbled Murrelets: I suspect all of these are Marbled Murrelets. I’m confident in the first one, and the last part of the second, but less so about the others, as the calls are more like chirps than the ‘keer’ calls of Marbled Murrelets. However, I would not be surprised if Marbled Murrelets chirp also. The initial chirps in the second clip have a very similar sound quality to the following ‘keer’ calls, so it seems likely to be a Marbled Murrelet throughout. Trying to puzzle these chirps out has made me curious if Marbled Murrelets might respond to River Otters chirping.

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