Solstice Sun

With clear weather prevailing in the days prior to and including the winter solstice, it was a good year for observing the sun during the time when the light and warmth we receive from it is a minimum. Many of the things I noticed this year were things I was vaguely aware of before, though … Read more

Starrigavan ibuttons

Scott Harris and I went to Starrigavan to deploy ibuttons (temperature data loggers) I recently purchased. We set one in the valley bottom, one near the upper part of the clear cut, and one right at the edge of the old growth above the clear cut. My iNaturalist Observations for Today

West Valley Indian River Watershed

Pictures from a hike up the west valley of Indian River watershed. Our route went through the long muskegs up and then along the base of the slope of the Middle Sister to near the headwall and back down. My iNaturalist Observations for Today

Clouds and Google Earth

Recently I found out that Google Earth has added the ability view weather satellite imagery as a layer. Although I have found the satellite imagery for the northern Gulf of Alaska and Alaska before, looking at things on Google Earth makes it much easier to see the big picture as well as what is going … Read more

Yellow-billed Loon

I was on O’Connell Bridge looking down into the channel when I noticed a large loon-looking bird that seemed much paler than I would have expected. It seemed to be favoring a spot near ANB Harbor, so I decided to go down and give it a shot. When I arrived down at the end of … Read more

Indian River iButtons

Scott Harris and I went up as far as the large muskegs deploying ibuttons (temperature data loggers) to get a sense of how temperature varies in the valley. My iNaturalist Observations for Today