WR: November Highlights

A trip in mid-November interrupted my recording habit, and it took a while to get back into it. Things seem to be pretty quiet most nights, and I decided to collapse a few of the highlights from the few nights in November I recorded but did not yet post. A Chestnut-backed Chickadee and Red-breasted Nuthatch … Read more

WR: Night Forty

Clear skies with chilly temperatures made for a nice quiet night, weather-wise. Except for a distant eagle calling at 2:30, the only thing I heard until nearly daylight was River Otters chirping. The started about 2:35 and continued through almost 4. They were so faint for much of that time, I suspect in other weather … Read more

WR: Night Thirty-nine

Another quiet night weather-wise. Despite the good listening conditions throughout the night, I did not pick up much on the recording. There was a distant Western Screech-Owl near 7am that I was barely able to pick out from the almost as distant raven calls. A raven gave a brief croak around 2:30am, perhaps an interesting … Read more

WR: Night Thirty-eight

Rain, heavy at times (with some associated wind) periodically through the night. Between showers there was a pretty steady dripping of water. I did notice the sound of the drops off the roof have changed. I think it’s because the leaves have fallen off the salmonberries that are growing against the house. Got the best … Read more