Daily Observations

Least Sandpiper

With three tours, it was a busy day for work.  We went to Point Brown beach twice and to a beach in Nawkwasina once.

Weather:  The rain was not constant, but when it fell, it seemed to come down in buckets.  Unfortunately, the time of the squalls seemed to coincide with times I was required to be out on deck helping with lines or loading and unloading of passengers.

Birds:  There were quite a few birds at Point Brown beach.  I saw several Least and Western Sandpipers.  Also, Black Oystercatchers were resting out on the rocky point.  A couple of Pacific Slope Flycatchers were working the edge of the forest.  At least one of them must have hatched out this year, as I saw another bird feeding it.

Other Notes:  The Beach Groundsel seems to be at its blooming peak this week.

We saw a Humpback Whale swimming just past the kelp near Point Brown beach.  This was at least the second time I have seen a whale there this summer.

There were a dozen or so Harbor Seals hauled out on a rock in Nawkwasina.

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