Mt. Verstovia

I had been asked to work today, but it was Jonathan’s last full day in town, so I told them I would only do tours if he could come along. We went in this morning to find out that one of the charters that had originally been scheduled was canceled, so I was not actually … Read more

The Big Tree Measurements

(note the person at the base of the tree) Today Jonathan, Kitty LaBounty and I went up to measure the large Western Hemlock tree. None of us has much experience measuring big trees according to the guidelines in the National Register of Big Trees, but we did the best we can. We used a 100 … Read more

Daily Observations

Jonathan, the kids, and I took a short walk to Totem Park today so I could introduce Jonathan to Kitty LaBounty. Jonathan is interested in doing more with plants and Kitty has worked as a botanist for a number of years. Weather: Overcast with light winds. It started raining this evening. Birds: I am still … Read more

Daily Observations

My brother arrived in town today. I was not able to get ahold of anyone to borrow a car, so I biked the trailer over to the airport and he and I walked back to town. Weather: It was sunny today with some breeze. Flora: On the way back from the airport, I stopped to … Read more