Daily Observations


My brother arrived in town today. I was not able to get ahold of anyone to borrow a car, so I biked the trailer over to the airport and he and I walked back to town.

Weather: It was sunny today with some breeze.

Flora: On the way back from the airport, I stopped to check out the strawberries near the longterm parking. There were a few that were ripe, so we picked and ate some of them.

While picking the strawberries, I found a plant that was new-to-me for this area. It is a blue-eyed grass. This species occurs in southeast occasionally, but this was the first time I had noticed it. A related species was fairly common on Kamiak Butte when I went hiking there.

Blue-eyed Grass

Other Notes: I also observed a new-to-me butterfly on my way to the airport. It was in the vegetation along the road just past the lagoon. As best I can tell so far, it is a Milbert’s Tortiseshell. It’s in the same genus as Mourning Cloaks, but seems to be much less common around Sitka.

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