Daily Observations

My parents left today, so we borrowed a car to take them to the airport.  We took advantage of the mobility to run a couple of errands.  While out running errands I took a look at the Turnaround and Swan Lake for birds. Weather:  The rain has returned.  There was moderate-heavy rain through the morning … Read more

Slime Molds

Slime Molds are something I am not all that familiar with.  Until this year, I do not think I had noticed slime molds more than a handful of times. This summer I have noticed slime molds growing a few different places while on hikes, but never in the abundance and variety that I saw yesterday … Read more

Mystery Shorebird

I observed this bird at Swan Lake today.  I suspect it is a Lesser Yellowlegs, but I am uncertain.  When it flew off, it did have the white patch above its tailfeathers that is characteristic of yellowlegs. It also seems to lack the up-turned bill of a Greater Yellowlegs. My uncertainty arises from the shape, which seems different than what I have seen on Greater Yellowlegs … Read more