Daily Observations

Weather: The rain was minimal today. There was a breeze, though I did not note the direction. Birds: This morning I heard a buzzing kind of bird call outside and could not figure out what it was. When I went to a window to check, I saw Dark-eyed Juncos. Perhaps some of them are starting … Read more

Recent Observations

Clearly I have not managed to keep up with the updates over the last couple of weeks. I have been spending some time outside, mostly with work, but my attention has been elsewhere. A couple of things I forgot to mention previously were the berries. What few salmonberries there are started get ripe two or … Read more

Willow Ptarmigan Family

Yesterday as Jonathan and I were coming down from Picnic Rock on Mt. Verstovia, I happened to spot a ptarmigan right beside the trail. As it turned out, it was a whole Willow Ptarmigan Family. There was both a male and female along with what appeared to be two chicks. The chicks were pretty good … Read more