Daily Observations


Jonathan, the kids, and I took a short walk to Totem Park today so I could introduce Jonathan to Kitty LaBounty. Jonathan is interested in doing more with plants and Kitty has worked as a botanist for a number of years.

Weather: Overcast with light winds. It started raining this evening.

Birds: I am still hearing occasional Winter Wren songs. While we were at the park a Swainson’s Thrush landed in an alder tree nearby and started singing, but it flew off before I had the chance to take a picture.

Flora: Kitty was working on clearing out western buttercups, a particularly unruly invasive species in the park, when we showed up. Rowan and Connor (but mostly Connor) seemed to enjoy knocking down and pulling up the buttercups during the time we spent there.

Rowan noticed a small mushroom and had me take a picture of it (shown above).

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