Daily Observations

After steady rain all day, Melissa and I walked home this evening and enjoyed the sun shining on the hills in the distance. Weather: There was steady rain throughout most of the morning and afternoon, but the clouds broke this evening. Birds: We have been leaving peanuts out for a neighborhood Steller’s Jay. Today I … Read more

Recent Observations

This week was filled with meetings and other preparations for school, so I did not spend as much time outside as I have through much of the summer. Weather: It’s been pretty damp all week. This morning especially there was a lot of rain. Temperatures have continued to be in the upper 50s through the … Read more

Daily Observations

A full day of scattered clouds to mostly sunny skies was a welcome respite from recent damp gray weather. I went back to Swan Lake to see if the mergansers were still there, but otherwise spent most of my time around the house. Weather: It was partly cloudy for most of the day. Winds were … Read more

Daily Observations

After several days of overcast and rain, I took advantage of unforecast afternoon clearing and went for a walk to Totem Park. Later I stopped by Swan Lake to check things out on our way to have dinner with friends. Weather: Overcast, with clearing skies in the afternoon. A light breeze was out of the … Read more

Harbor Seals

On the second tour I had today, we pulled up near the rocks a little South of Povorotni Point in the opening of Redoubt Bay to observe the Harbor Seals. Perhaps it was the relatively bright weather, but it seemed like there was an unusually rich assortment of colors and patterns of seal fur. This … Read more