Shrub Leafing out

This shrub has been fooled by the warm January. If I think to check later in the year, I’ll try to figure out what it is (assuming it hasn’t been killed by later cold).

Freshly Dumped Dirt

I have mostly kept house stuff off of this site, but thought I would document a bit some of the stuff going on in the yard. Today we got some 40 yards or so of volcanic ash dumped along one side of the property. My intention is to plant some Sitka alder along the sidewalk … Read more

Raven Radio Show #45 – Pat Druckenmiller

Download Radio Show The 19 January show featured a conversation with Pat Druckenmiller, curator of the paleontology collection at the Museum of the North. Among other things, we talked about recent fossil finds in Southeast Alaska. Due to time, I had to cut out part of our conversation for the broadcast, but have included clips … Read more

Herring Cove Trail Hike

I’ve been thinking it’s time to update my Sitka Trails site. It’s hard to be believe that it’s been so long it doesn’t even have the Herring Cove trail in there. I had also heard that the recent rain event had hit the trail pretty hard, and I thought it would be interesting to see … Read more