Forest and Muskeg Trail

Connor picked today’s walk. We just had the morning, and he said he wanted to go out to Starrigavan. I suggested maybe the Forest and Muskeg Trail, since we had not been on that one for a while, and someone had reported possible Pine Grosbeaks there recently. In the end we did not find any … Read more

Clouds over the Sisters

While headed to UAS today, I noticed some interesting (to me) clouds over the Sisters, so I grabbed a quick picture before heading in to class. I’m not sure, but it seemed like they could be lenticularis clouds.

Snowy Day Walks

After a fair amount of snow fell overnight, the sun shone brightly this morning while I went for a walk around Totem Park. I spent some time watching and photographing the crows and oystercatchers working the far flats. I also saw a rare-for-here-in-winter Sanderling. Later I went over to John Brown’s Beach with a friend … Read more