Changing Weather

Today’s weather was getting to be like people sometimes refer to as herring weather. Perhaps more strictly we would have needed to see more rain in the mix, as today was just mostly graupel and little bits of snow falling in sometimes heavy showers. Between showers the sun would shine, and throughout it all there … Read more

Sit Spot Challenge Day 10

See Sit Spot Challenge at for more about the challenge. Time of sit: 7:45-8:05pm The neighbors appeared to be having a get together, as there were 7 or 8 additional cars parked along the drive during my sit. However, they were all inside and the neighborhood was quiet. There seemed to be little or … Read more

Swan Lake

This entry is part 53 of 133 in the series 2011 Photojournal

This time of year gulls start showing up in larger numbers. Many loaf around Swan Lake, accepting hand outs from people there to feed the ducks. It’s been a cool March so far, and the lake remains mostly frozen – concentrating what birds are there to the open area of freshwater at the inflow from … Read more