Sit Spot Challenge Day 10

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Time of sit: 7:45-8:05pm

The neighbors appeared to be having a get together, as there were 7 or 8 additional cars parked along the drive during my sit. However, they were all inside and the neighborhood was quiet. There seemed to be little or no breeze, and while I could hear some birds, they were all in the distance. The only close sounds I heard were the rhythmic dripping of water from the roof where the remains of last night’s couple inches of snow were continuing to melt.

In the distance I heard Varied Thrush both northwest as well as to the south and southeast. What robins I heard seemed to be northwest quite some distance away, and at one point I also heard a Song Sparrow singing from that way. Any gulls that might have been down near the entrance to the park were quiet, but I could hear gulls from downtown. About mid-way through my sit something flushed many gulls off the buildings downtown where they like to hangout, and I saw them flying southeast toward the park.

I’m not sure why it was so quiet around the neighborhood proper this evening, but shortly after I went back inside I did hear a robin singing in the backyard. It seems plausible that it was the same robin I listened to last night.

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