Changing Weather

Today’s weather was getting to be like people sometimes refer to as herring weather. Perhaps more strictly we would have needed to see more rain in the mix, as today was just mostly graupel and little bits of snow falling in sometimes heavy showers. Between showers the sun would shine, and throughout it all there was a chilly and gusty mostly west wind.

It was nice to see the fresh snow on all the mountain peaks today. There’s something about fresh snow that is deep enough to smooth out the roughness a bit. Lit by sunlight and backed by blue skies, it’s a striking image, and one we’ve not seen that much this winter.

The gulls seem to have really taken to the ice on Swan Lake. I didn’t try to count carefully, but I’m guessing there were getting to be close to 1000 loafing there. It’s just a short trip over to the Channel where most of their feeding is probably taking place right now.