I learned the reason for all the deer droppings I have been seeing in the neighborhood the last couple of days. This morning when I was walking up the ‘shortcut’ from a short walk to Totem Park, I spotted two deer. They were definitely aware of me, looking over at me each time I moved, … Read more

Neighborhood Deer

This evening the neighbors knocked on our door to let us know there was a deer out in the driveway. I got my camera to try taking a picture, but as it was dusk, there was not really much chance for that to turn out acceptably sharp without a big flash (the best I could … Read more

A Bit of Skunk Cabbage

While walking along Indian River trail yesterday, I noticed that many of the skunk cabbage plants looked like they had been cut off. At first I thought that maybe someone walking along the trail had done it, but it was so widespread, I began to suspect that maybe deer were doing it. I have heard … Read more