First Day of Spring

Morning Cloak Spring Wasp

The thermometer hit the 63F in our carport, though I suspect it was merely in the 50s out of the direct sunlight. Still, after the single digit temperatures last week, the sun-warmed air is a welcome change.

Earlier today I went for a bike ride to take a look at Swan Lake. The lake is still mostly covered in ice, but there was a section open near the upper end of the Halibut Point Road side of the lake. There were quite a few Ring-necked Ducks, a pair of Hooded Mergansers, and the usual assortment of Mallards.

A brief wander around the neighborhood made me realize that there has been a deer (or more?) spending a fair amount of time in the area. There were quite a few piles of deer droppings scattered around different places. I assume they were all from the deer we saw last night.

I also saw the first larger insects I have seen this year, a wasp of some sort and a Morning Cloak butterfly (both pictured above).

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