Raven Radio Show Updates

As of a couple of weeks ago, there is a new time for the Sitka Nature show on Raven Radio. It can now be heard at 4pm on KCAW (with live streaming available at kcaw.org.

The main reason I’m making this post is to let people know that I’ve (finally) got posts up for all the shows since last October. They are linked below:

20121021 – Show #13: Marge Ward
20121104 – Show #14: Paul Norwood and Brooke Schafer
20121118 – Show #15: Gwen Baluss
20121202 – Show #16: Connor and Rowan Goff
20121216 – Show #17: Alice and Chuck Johnstone
20121230 – Show #18: Bill Foster (technical issues; no recording)
20120113 – Show #19: Blain Anderson (technical issues; no recording)
20130127 – Show #20: Kitty LaBounty
20130210 – Show #21: Jim Baichtal Part 1
20130224 – Show #22: Jim Baichtal Part 2
20130310 – Show #23: Jon Martin

As always, show archives can be found at www.sitkanature.org/raven/.

2 thoughts on “Raven Radio Show Updates”

  1. Matt,
    I heard about your radio show with Florence and Scott that aired at 4PM on Sunday, I told my whole family to listen in and low and behold I had a meeting pop up on Sunday no less and I missed the show even though it was the main thing I was looking forward to all weekend! So here I am hoping that there were no technical difficulties and you will be able to post it in the future. Tomorrow I am spending my one day on seaweeds with the 6th graders and had hoped to include stuff I learned from your show…… oh well, if and when it gets posted maybe I can plug students into listening with some activity. So just to let you know that I am hoping to hear it off your website and just know there are people out here appreciating all that you are doing for our community!! Gunalcheesh! Patty Dick

  2. Sorry about the delay – I have now posted it (I also sent you an e-mail with the direct link to the conversation as soon as I saw your comment, so hopefully that worked for you).

    Check out the radio show page for links to all the shows I have posted.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement for the show!

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