Getting Behind

Orange disc fungus – an ascomycete, I think – but beyond that I have no idea

I’ve been trying to keep up with photos this year, and until the last week or so, I’ve done pretty well, but between a couple of high photo count days (one from a boat birding trip, the other some Sharp-shinned Hawk excitement around the house) and other days where I take pictures of species I don’t recognize (motivated by the 1000 species project), I have had a difficult time working through the pictures. The high photo-count days require more time to edit, and I’m uncertain how exactly I want to deal with the photos of things I don’t have names for yet. Normally I like to give photos meaningful names and have the appropriately tagged, but I think I’ll have to forego that for some of these things, as it’s hard to say when (or if) I’ll be able to get names for the various obscure organisms I find and photograph in the coming weeks and months.

On another subject, I had planned to hike up Indian River a ways with Connor and Rowan this morning to take care of ibuttons, but it seems we may all be coming down with something. Rowan was the one who had symptoms (stuffy head) this morning, but all of us ended up spending much of the morning sleeping. Now this evening Connor’s throat hurts. Perhaps we’ll be feeling well by Friday. I can’t remember exactly when the ibuttons will be full, but I know it’s sometime soon (and perhaps already has occurred), so hopefully we’ll be able to get up that way soon.

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