Changing Weather

Mostly clear early, becoming overcast by afternoon. During the transition to overcast, some dramatic clouds showed up to the south.

Light rain began midafternoon, with heavier rain this evening.

Outside time was limited for me today.

I checked Lance Drive and Indian River road in case I might see a Steller’s Jay or Northern Flicker. I did not.

At Eagle Way, I noticed three otters swimming directly towards where I stood above the shore. When they saw me watching them, they changed directions and headed towards the river mouth.

The channel and Sealing Cove were both quiet when I stopped by.

I did see the coot and two Wood Ducks on a slow drive by of the lake.

The Sandhill Crane was at Moller Park.

For the past few months I’ve not had fully functional software that I use to upload photos to my website. The page had an error. I was happy to see it functional today. I will find it much easier to upload photos to publish and update photojournals (which I intend to be do more consistently again).

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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